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HK Traders Pvt Ltd is a renowned company in the field of trading water purifier, Solar water heater in Nepal.We are the suppliers of RO water Purifier like Domestic RO system for household, Institutional RO system for office, restaurant, hotel, school, collage  as well as industrial RO plant.We also engaged in offering wide range of water purifier in Nepal that includes Aquaosmo, aquafresh, Eurofab, Euroguard, Kent RO. HK traders can offer you more option for water filtration process and installation of plant in scientific manner with the help of experts. HK traders also supply and installation of solar water heater at competitive market price. HK traders provide you the best service and branded water filter in Nepal. we are the authorized supplier of Kent RO water purifier, Euroguard, solar water heater, electric geyser. Today, with the increasing cases and reports of water contamination due to environmental pollution, a water purifier or water filter is one of the basic needs of every family. Water purification is essential in order to ensure the health of your family. A water purifier or  water filter can make your life way easier as you no longer have to boil water in order to make it consumable. There are a number of water filters available in the market. You can choose the best one that caters to all your needs and shop at HK traders that offers you an various range of water purifiers, water filters.


Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Water Heaters in Nepal 

Solar water heater in Nepal Kathmandu Working Principle of Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) System provided by HK Traders: HK Traders Solar Water Heater works on a simple principle. Solar water heating systems using vacuum tubes made of borosilicate 3.3 which is very good for absorption of heat with special coating to absorb the solar energy called as Evacuated Tube Collector system. Inner glass tube is coated with the world best magnetron sputtering HI- tech layer of CU/SS-ALN with AL base.Vacuum tube, shown in the sketch, is the main component, which absorbs solar energy. The vacuum tube is an assembly of  concentric, borosilicate glass tubes.Air between the gap of two glass tubes is evacuated. It results in high level of vacuum which acts as the best insulation to minimize the heat loss from inner tube. Black coating on the inner tube absorb the solar energy and transfers it to the water. The water on upper side of Vacuum Tube becomes hot and get lighter, so it starts moving upwards in the tank. At the same time cold water, which is heavy, comes downward from the tank and  stored at the bottom. The phenomenon is called as natural Thermo syphon circulation, which occurs in every tube.

Our Products

Osmo electric geyser in nepal

OSMO Electric Geyser 15L

OSMO Electric water heater to beat this chilling Winter. Capacity 15Ltr   Automatic Thermostat  Thermal Cut-Out Pressure Release Valve  Fusible plug  Non Return Device  Powder Coated Exterior 

Rs Rs 14700

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electric geyser in nepal

OSMO Electric Geyser 25L

Osmo Electric geyser with over heat protection Product Type: Storage electric water heaterModel: Cloud 25LColor: WhiteCapacity: 25LPower: 2.0KW

Rs Rs 16500

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Solar water heater

20 Tube( 240 Liter)

Solar water heater or Solar hot water Technologies are simple, reliable and cost-effective method of harnessing the sun’s energy.

Rs 54,000 Rs 52,000

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solar water heater

30 Tube (360 liter)

Solar water heating systems with vacuum tubes for absorption of heat with special coating to absorb solar energy known by Evacuated Tube Collector system.

Rs 82,000 Rs 78,000

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solar water heater

24 Tube( 280 Liter)

Hk traders can help you with fitting a solar water heating system both pressurized & non-pressurized to meet your specific needs

Rs 64,000 Rs 62,000

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kitchen chimney price in nepal

Osmo Baffle Touch

Osmo Baffle has Touch Screen Control. Stainless Steel Body with Glass Top, Easy to install.Color: Body Glass Black Suction Capacity: 950 m3/hr

Rs 25,000 Rs 21,000

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chimney in nepal

Osmo Glasshood Touch

Osmo Glasshood Touch is uniquely design. Osmo Glasshood Touch Auto Clean Stainless Steel Chimney, 35 inch AutoClean Kitchen Chimney 860m3/hr comes with 2 year warranty.

Rs 22,000/- Rs 18,000/-

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chimney in nepal

Osmo Glasshood P

Osmo Glasshood P is especially design for Nepalese kitchen. Osmo Glasshood P Auto Clean Stainless Steel Chimney, 35 inch AutoClean Kitchen Chimney 860m3/hr.

Rs 20,000 Rs 16,000

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alkaline water filter

alkaline Aquaosmo Undersink

Aquaosmo Alkaline(under sink model) is a super quality 6 stage filter system comes with genuine Filter, to offer the very best in water filtration and balanced pH water for drinking.

Rs 25,000 Rs 25,000

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water filter nepal kathmandu

Aqua Royal Crown

Aqua Royal Crown is the Latest technologically advanced RO water purifier with a new design

Rs 26000 Rs 23000

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Aquafresh grand plus

Aqua Pearl

A table top RO water purifier and an inbuilt TDS controller. Best suited for Nepali homes and offices and suitable for purification of brackish/tap water, municipal corporation water supply.

Rs 28000 Rs 23000

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aqua grand plus

Aqua Grand PLus

Ro water purifier/filter includes processes such as Filtration, Sedimentation, Distillation and so on. These processes are meant to reduce the concentration of bacteria, parasites and impurities.

Rs 25,000 Rs 20,000

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