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Baluwatar, Kathmandu, Nepal
kent ro water filter nepal

Kent  RO water filter or ro water purifier has a modular design, which is suitable for wall mounting or counter-top installation

In the developing world, 80% diseases are water-related. The World Health Organization states that the provision of safe water alone will reduce diarrheal diseases by up to 50%. Also, as a result of pollution, the water you drink may contain heavy metals and iron rust which boiling cannot remove. These metals can hamper the mental development in children. Boiling is not the answer as it does not remove harmful contaminants that water purification can. Only Kent water purifier or water filter removes all harmful contaminants making it much safer than boiling.

Tap water anyway contains impurities, boiling it doesn’t remove all of the harmful substances either. Water needs a more advanced, more extensive purification process. We  believe that a reverse osmosis ro water filter with activated carbon filters and ultraviolet light is the most cost effective way to purify drinking water. Comparing the Ro water purification process and boiling is enough to see that the latter is insufficient in getting rid of the contaminants in drinking water. Ro water purifiers or water filter use advanced purification technologies such as RO and UV to get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals such as iron rust and toxic carcinogens.

kent grand plus

Model:KENT Grand+


*Double Purification by RO+UV+UF with TDS control
*8 ltr storage capacity
*High purification capacity of 15ltr/hr
*Power consumption 60 watt
*For wall Mounting or Countertop Installation